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Our Current Big Project - AntiPiracy System (NdlelaByte)

If you are a software developer or game developer then find out how can NdlelaByte help you protect your contents from Piracy.

Fully responsive

If its doesn't fit in all sizes device it not a Responsive Web, We only develop high quality Responsive web for excellent viewing experient in any device.

Clean design

We keep our design simple and clean so that it is very easy to use and navigate within. We call it the eye catch with our clean design strategy.

Excellent code

When it comes to coding, that is our daily bread, its the air that we breath, which is why we only provide with not just a system, but the 100% functional and well coded systems for our client. We believe code is the most importent part of your system which is why we have excellent coders in house to code for you.

Secured Systems

Because we are security expects we don't just develop systems but we also take you step by step and should we spot any security loophole we will ansure that we protect it and we will also apply our very own security encryption to ensure your best security system for your business, big or small.

We are
Custom Software
Design Heroes

Mlungisi Computing Soft Inc - MCSIDevelopers is a custom software development company which had been doing business since 2008. We have been developing solutions for our clients from Desktop software, to Web solutions as well as Mobile Apps (Android, BlackBerry, IOS).

The company was founded by Mlungisi Ndlela in 2007 and started operating in 2008.
We pride our selves with the service we have been providing to our clients, their satisfaction satisfies us as our mission is to satisfy you as our client with the excellent solution system, and with our design.

You can also view and try some of our in-house solutions we have developed .

Web Design

We have given a special attention in choosing Web Design South Africa as our main keyword for our website. We wanted to target two aspects of our core target market. The first aspect we are targeting is users typing Web Design into their search engines.

The keyword is commonly used when people are browsing for web design companies in their search engine. However we also didn't want to neglet our local target market. This is why the word South Africa was also added into the mix. The result is Web Design South Africa, a multi-pupose keyword that helps us direct our website to the correct audience.

Web Design South Africa seems to be working very well for our website. Let us optimise your website for search engines, just like we did here.

What we do

Business Branding

Branding your business is very important for any size business as its lets your business stand beyond your competitors and its uniquely identify your business among others to your customers.

Web Design

We live in an innovative world where online world is very important for any business and with the right web design and good SEO to let your site rank top on search engines is a key for any business.

Software development

We love the Web, Software development and the work we do.We work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs which is why our clients believe in us and our services.

Mobile App Development

Smart phones had innovated our lives and they are part of our daily lives as they make our lives easy and we understand how important your business it to you which is why we also provide with best App development for Android, BlackBerry and Iphone (IOS) so that you reach your audience easily.

Digital Marketing

Sometimes you end up paying more for your marketing and yes marketing is the essential part in any business as it derive your markets to sales, but if your marketing is not well done especially as we are now living in an online world your marketing will not give you what you are expecting. We provide with digital marketing as we are the expects in it.

Technical Support

We don't just provide with digital solutions but we also provide with desktop technician support for any of your need from office hardware, networking, software networking, to hosting, domain, web, mobile, security, Automated Teller Machines, online finance and field technician support within the Information Technology field.

Latest News




Release of MIBS V1

We are proud to announce the release of our free Internet Billing System with advanced security system solution.




Release of MluSmartEdit V1

We are proud to announce the release of our free Windows Clipboard extender tool This tool enable you to copy up to 10 different text without replacing the previous text.




MluSmartEdit Update Release

MluSmartEdit has been updated and we have resolved issues that were on V1, Download it and check the updates.




MCSIDevelopers website updated

We have just updated our website as part of keeping every thing updated within our systems.

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Country: KwaZulu Natal - South Africa



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